Sunday, 16 October 2011

Brighton Yoga Classes

Working as a carpenter in Brighton take its tole on the old back and joints! I've found a fantastic yoga teacher running Brighton Yoga Classes and she's worked wonders! Her name is Lucy Levens and she can be contacted on 07812648892... She's sorted me out and I can highly recommend her!

Her Brighton Yoga Classes blogs can be found here and here.

Brighton Yoga Classes

Brighton Yoga Classes

Brighton carpenter is a big fan of yoga in Brighton and loves Brighton Yoga classes. my favourites are this blog and this blog

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Brighton Carpenter

Blue Sky Brighton Carpenter normally works around Brighton and Hove but this customer contacted Blue Sky Brighton Carpenter from London. Blue Sky Brighton Carpenter likes to work with solid timber and American black walnut is one of my favourites. I designed a simple lacquered walnut bookcase which fitted the clients specific books and ornaments. The unit was fully fitted to the wall and scribed over the skirting board for a neat finish.

If you are looking for a Carpenter in Brighton visit the Blue Sky Brighton Carpenters website by clicking here. I undertake most carpentry and joinery work.